Thanks to this car, I just bought a well taken care of used Interlagos Blue E92 M3 for a surprisingly affordable price. While I'm sure the M4 performs great, I wouldn't trade the rumbling V8 in the E92 for any thing. Also, I think the E92 looks better, but that's personal preference. » 7/14/14 7:41pm 7/14/14 7:41pm

Did the person filming not call the police? Also though I can totally understand the fear of getting involved with criminals who might be armed and dangerous, it seems like from the safety of their balcony, the cameraman could have shouted at them just to let them know that people see what's going on and maybe they… » 5/09/14 4:12pm 5/09/14 4:12pm

It's funny, I typically always want a pure and sporty driving machine that handles beautifully and all that cliche car enthusiast stuff, but I think my first car love, was an old band van after watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure when I was a little kid. I imagined my band and I blasting through space in our… » 5/08/14 8:07pm 5/08/14 8:07pm